You are years old now and your average monthly expenses are   .

You assume the inflation to be % and You would like to name this goal as

Goal Summary

Your Targeted Emergency Fund
(in today's value)

Your Targeted Emergency Fund
(adjusting for % inflation)

Number of Years
You Need To Save

Monthly SIP Investment

Your Targeted Emergency Fund
(adjusting for % inflation)


Total Future Value
(Scheme Selected Value)

Existing Portfolio

If you wish to link any of the above schemes with this goal, then please check the relevant box/es as given alongside the scheme name.

Goal Summary

Your targeted Amount (Inflation adjusted 5% per annum)
Number of years you need to save
Monthly SIP investment required
Investment Type
Risk Tolerance
Time Horizon
Target Amount
SIP Amount
Low Risk, Stable Return
This is a conservative portfolio meant to minimize the risk of losing principal by managing the asset allocation as 40% in equity funds and remaining 60% in hybrid funds. Those experienced as well as novice investors who want to play safe by taking low risk are an ideal suit for this.
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